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Finding tomorrow

An acrobatic poetic performance



Duo No Nonsense_Finding Tomorrow_Vera Weber 1.jpg


17 minutes

8m wide x 8m deep x 6m high

Inside or outside

TIP: This performance is best displayed outside in a green environment.

Can perform 2x a day

The possibility to book a workshop

Up to 300 audience members

Age: 4 to  104 years old



Technical rider

About the show:


Two souls, overwhelmed by the pressures of western world, find themselves wandering amidst an endless sea of change. Having become disoriented and lost due to what society has taken from them, the pair return to nature. Being surrounded by the rustling of trees, the crashing of waves, and the songs of birds in the distance, they begin to reach out. Slowly they discover what they have been missing. Duo No Nonsense takes you with them on their search.Through acrobatics, movement, and metaphor, the two of them will find their way to tomorrow.​

The presence of the music and the moving images from the acrobats guides the audience through the performance. The abstract shape of this performances creates the opportunity for the audience to create their own story. The total image including the high level of partner acrobatics makes this a beatifull performance with a poetic touch. 

Disciplines: Parner acrobatics and physical theater.

CREDITS: Company: Duo No Nonsense | Artistic concept and makers: Sanne Hamstra & Scott Makowske | Performers: Sanne Hamstra & Scott Makowske | Music: Stephanie Lehmann | Coaching: Eva van Boxtel | Costume maker: RumoerR | Video: Jos Raijmakers | Pictures: ©Vera Weber, ©Koos Bommele | Production residence: Circaso | Financial contribution: Gemeente Rotterdam, Droom en Daad | Support: Rotterdam Circusstad 

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