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As a circus artist, Sanne collaborates with various artists. This is how she developed a wide range of circus perforrmancesThere are performances with a story, a high level of circus technique, musicality and a healthy dose of nonsense. There is something to suit every event, and every target group ​


A completed professional circus education, work experience as a performer, passion and pleasure for the profession makes her a true circus artist.

Lessen volge

More than 20 years of experience makes Sanne a teacher with heaps of knowledge. Currently she gives classes in her favorite circus disciplines. In Rotterdam there is the possibility for adults to follow the weekly classes in partner acrobatics and acro yoga

She also offers duo- and private lessons in the discipline handstands


Sanne enjoys searching for the ideal learning method for the student, so the knowledge can be received and applied. Every student learns differently, that is why Sanne finds teaching interessting and fun! 

Sanne has various job activities on project basis as a

circus artist and teacher.


She regularly performs in various circus parades. She is deployable as a circus artist in creative projects such as location theater. And she creates tailor-made circus acts and performances on request. As a teacher, she gives team building workshops with the discipline juggling, and sometimes she gives circus lessons to an entire school!


Do you have a wish, but were you unable to find it on this website? Sanne is happy to think along with you. Please feel free to contact her for the possibilities.