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Oh No!

Surprising circustheater for the

whole family to enjoy



Duo No Nonsense_Oh No!  4.jpg


18 mnutes

7m wide x 7m deep x 3,5m high

Inside or outside

Can perform 3x a day

Up to 300 audience members

Age: 4 to 104 years



Technical rider

About the show:


A small accident has big consequences for Duo No Nonsense, causing their show to get stuck in more ways than one. Yet the show must go on! See how these two struggle seeking a surprising and spectacular solution to save their circus.

A circus theater performance with the circus disciplines: club juggling, diabolo and partner acrobatics. A performance for the whole family to enjoy. 

CREDITS: Co-production: Rotterdam Circusstad | Company: Duo No Nonsense | Artistic concept and makers:: Sanne Hamstra & Scott Makowske | Performers: Sanne Hamstra & Scott Makowske | Coaching: Laura van Hal | Video: Jos Raijmakers | Pictures: Vera Weber, Alex Hamstra, Neeltje van Haaren | Production residence: Klooster Breda, Korzo Theater, MaasTD | Financial contribution: Gemeente Rotterdam, Rotterdam Circusstad

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